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Antlers Fireside Grill Bar and Lounge

The Antlers Fireside Grill Bar and Lounge area is something quite spectacular all on its own. We offer a relaxing, upscale & modern lodge atmosphere that you can't find just anywhere. Our menu is always changing to offer seasonal craft brews, wines, and hand made craft cocktails. There is ample seating for those who want to dine in the lounge area. From booths, to high top tables, or comfortable bar stools with back rests. Take a seat, order a drink, and have dinner. We have you covered, and as always - we want you to be our guest. Cheers!

A Picture is worth...a great time!

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Delicious Drinks

Just looking at some of these beautiful concoctions will make you thirsty for one. We'll be waiting when you come in to try one.

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Drink Menus

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Craft Cocktails

Browse some of our housemate craft cocktails we offer on our menu.

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Beer List

Good. Old. Fashioned. Beer. And also an array of new seasonal craft brews too. Take a look-see!

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Wine List

See our professionally selected red and white options